Les Fougeres (Chelsea, Quebec) Engagement: Alyssa + David, Sneak Peek

Indoor-Engagement-Session-Chelsea-Quebec-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-coffee-shopAlyssa + David had planned for a primarily indoor engagement session from the get-go, so when the weather called for a boatload of rain on the day of their session (in February), we all figured it didn’t really impact the plans too much. It’s funny how things work out in the end really, as for most of our couples, that much rain on their session date would end up in having to rescheduling the whole thing to another (hopefully) drier day.

But the weather actually worked perfectly for these two. It was definitely a windshield-wiper filled drive out to Chelsea, and I left a little early to ensure I wouldn’t get held up by the rain (also because arriving early is just kind of my thing), but other than that the only change to the plans was the inclusion of an umbrella and the use of some awnings.

In fact, a cloudy day produces a big giant softbox in the sky for us photographers and produces some really beautiful, soft light that I just adore! And the fact that the weather gods decided to pour down with all their might when we were inside, and then eventually let up enough for us to get some light rain shots (and even a couple rain free shots) outside was pretty much perfect. The rainy weather even let me test out the new camera rain coat I got a couple months ago (it has a much more technical name than this of course, but I think the idea of my camera wearing a little rain jacket is super cute).

But honestly, what really helped this session be as awesome as it was, was these two fantastic people. Alyssa + David were so easy to work with throughout their entire session and I had such a wonderful afternoon chatting with them over some pretty good looking food. And even better than that, they were just plain adorable together!


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