Ottawa Parliament Proposal: Helen + Yale, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Proposal-Engagement-Parliament-Hill-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyEvery December I sit down with a good old pen and paper and make a list of goals for my business. It is full of things I think I can accomplish and things I want to accomplish. I definitely put things on it that I know will get done (as it is always nice to check things off a list), but I also put a bunch of items on it that are going to be challenging for me. Some are even designed to push me out of my comfort zone.

Last December when I sat down to make my list for 2017 I wanted to include Shoot a Proposal on it, but I ended up taking it off the list because I really didn’t know how to even go about marketing such a thing. So instead I just added other challenging tasks and decided to leave thisย to next year. Well as it turns out, I probably should have left it on there.

Yale contacted me earlier this month about photographing a surprise engagement session for his soon to be fiancรฉe Helen – one that would include the actual proposal! I was so excited for them as Yale and I went to planning. We chatted about where the actual proposal would take place and what other locations we would include during the engagement session portion. Since they aren’t from Ottawa I helped them pick out a location that would be iconic but not too packed with tourists, which as it turns out, isn’t that hard to do in Ottawa in late February (provided you can work around the construction areas), although it was made a little more challenging by all the different events going on for Canada’s big birthday. The planning was definitely fun, but the session was even better!

I will of course be showcasing more from their adorable session later on, but for now, let’s all enjoy the big moment when he asked, and she said yes!