Pinhey Point Fall Engagement Session: Sarah + Jesse

Pinhey-Point-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI had so many postponed sessions this Fall thanks to all the rain we got here in Ottawa. Sarah + Jesse’s engagement session was one of those postponed shoots. And even when we did get to the revised session date, it still rained during their session. But it was all good in the end as we got some great shots despite the less than sunny skies.

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Monk Environmental Park Engagement Session: Brittany + Mike

Monk-Environmental-Park-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyEveryone was so anxious for Summer to get here, they just couldn’t wait for the warm weather to come and to be able to get those summer tans started. Me on the other hand, well I could have done with a bit more Spring. As pretty as Summer can be, I’m really not a huge fan. And one of the reason for that is because of the bugs! Summer to me equates to multiple months of whacking bugs and scratching the inevitable (and abundant) bites, and Brittany + Mike’s engagement session was the start of all of that for me this year as I came away with so many bites that I lost count. That being said, it was all so incredibly worth it as in the end as I got to spend a wonderful evening with these two and we created some gorgeous photos together!

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Ottawa Parliament Proposal: Helen + Yale, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Proposal-Engagement-Parliament-Hill-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyEvery December I sit down with a good old pen and paper and make a list of goals for my business. It is full of things I think I can accomplish and things I want to accomplish. I definitely put things on it that I know will get done (as it is always nice to check things off a list), but I also put a bunch of items on it that are going to be challenging for me. Some are even designed to push me out of my comfort zone.

Last December when I sat down to make my list for 2017 I wanted to include Shoot a Proposal on it, but I ended up taking it off the list because I really didn’t know how to even go about marketing such a thing. So instead I just added other challenging tasks and decided to leave this to next year. Well as it turns out, I probably should have left it on there.

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Testimonial Highlight #3

SMB_5171There was a rather long drive before and after their shoot, but Tara + Daryl’s engagement session at Pleasure Park & Campground was simply awesome. As I drove to the session I remembered little areas and moments from all the times we visited the park when I was a kid. But this visit was very different from those and I looked at the campground with a completely different set of eyes – those of a photographer.

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Engagement Session at Pleasure Park Campground: Tara + Daryl

As I mentioned in Tara + Daryl’s first sneak peek, it was a long drive from Ottawa to Pleasure Park Campground and RV Resort, but the drive was not only scenic, but 100% worth it!! The session with Tara + Daryl was fantastic and we were able to get some amazing shots!! And to make things even better, we were able to knock off a couple shots from my ever-growing ‘to shoot’ list, like the one from their second sneak peek.

But the thing that made this session so great, was how fun these two were throughout the entire evening and even more so, how much they clearly love each other. I can’t wait to cover their wedding next May, I know it is going to be just as amazing and they are going to be even more breathtaking than they are in the below photos (seriously – these guys rocked this shoot)!

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