Ottawa Lifestyle Puppy Session: Avery + Arlo

In case you are new around here, I am 100% a dog person. I smile anytime I see a puppy walking down the road and pretty much always say hello to them before the human walking the dog, and of course I smile from ear to ear when I see a dog with their head out the car window. Our own pup, Kaylee, brings so much light and joy to our lives and is the real star of our social media feeds.

So when Miranda + Jason wanted to use their session for some updated family photos of them and their pups, I was pretty darn stoked!

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Almonte Farm Lifestyle First Year Portraits & Cake Smash Family Session: The Kealeys

When we were planning this session Mariah + I were trying to come up with a location where we could do both Family photos and Little Milo’s cake smash photos all while not having either of her boys get too distracted by the surroundings. And I have come to realize that this is actually a pretty tricky task. Anything that would be fun for candid family photos later on in a session, would likely result in distraught kiddos before that point. Luckily though, they still had access to the unbelievably gorgeous private farm that we used for Milo’s newborn session last year.

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Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Lifestyle Maternity Session: Katherine + Mike

Hanging out with two of my all-time favourite people in one of my absolutely favourite locations here in Ottawa definitely made for a magical evening. And of course the fact that those 2 people are really 2 + 1 people made it even better!!!

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Petrie Island Lifestyle Family Session: Ella

When I was little my Dad and I would go for these long drives, and we would pretty much always end up watching the geese somewhere. And now, anytime I see them, it instantly reminds me of him. To this day, I actually still call them ‘gooses’ because that it was he and I always called them. But I have to correct myself around little clients as I don’t want to accidentally teach them the wrong word, haha!⁠

But that really wasn’t an issue for Little Ella as she knew exactly what they were and loved pointing them out to us again and again during her family session.

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Ottawa Arboretum First Year Portraits + Cake Smash: Ava

Darling Little Ava was just about the cutest little one ever during her cake smash! It took her a second to warm up to the camera, but when she did she brought every ounce of adorable to the shoot! And I mean, that neutral little onesie with her sandals and perfect little hair clip, I mean, come on, too cute!

But what was even better than her mom’s picture perfect styling was the warmth this family has and how much Mom + Dad’s love for their little sweetheart popped on camera … and that cheeky little smile of Ava’s is also pretty amazing, right?!

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