In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session: Mackenzie

You really never know what you’re going to be greeted with when it comes to big siblings. Sometimes they are super keen on being a part of the session and other times they want nothing to do with it. Every once in a while you find yourself somewhere in between (for example, a grumpy toddler who will be in the photos but not be happy about it, haha!), but more often than not, it’s one extreme or another. I am just oh so happy (and lucky) that when it came to Baby Mackenzie’s session, Big Sister Aubrey was the former and was absolutely thrilled that is was photo day!

And she did a great job helping everyone out during her Baby Sister’s photos, but really she wanted more photos of herself, which I more than happily obliged because she was just so darn cute. But apparently Courtney + Josh just make adorable baby girls because both Aubrey and Mackenzie were the sweetest little girls and they both did a wonderful job for all the family photos we were able to capture.

When it came time for for darling Baby Mackenzie’s solo photos she decided she most definitely did not want to sleep. In fact, she barely wanted anything to do with photos at all. All she really wanted to do was eat, eat, and eat some more, haha!! But Mom was eventually able to get her content enough that we were able to grab some quick wrapped photos of these sweet little baby girl where we were able to show of those beautiful big baby eyes! I always love adding in some wrapped or lightly posed images alongside our regular lifestyle shots when it comes to in-home photos, so I was super duper happy when we were able to get a small handful of those out of Mackenzie before she got back to snacking.

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