Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Session: Amelia

I love lifestyle newborn sessions, but I love them even more when there is a big sister or brother involved because they are just so wonderful! And Big Sister Isabelle was definitely no exception. She was so excited to be a part of the session and was so good for her parts too! But of course, the star of the day was still Little Baby Amelia. And how could she not be, what with those big doe-eyes and sweet little face, she was such a little darling!!

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Lifestyle Family Photography: The Konings + Brickells

In starting and restarting this post as many times as I have this morning, I have come to realize that writing a blog post about your own family session is actually really tricky. But this will get written and may be this time I won’t end up deleting everything and restarting from scratch – haha!

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Ottawa Lifestyle Family Photography: Kristyn, Alistair + Layla

Ottawa-Lifestyle-Family-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIf I’m being honest, weddings will always be my favourite type of session, but lifestyle family sessions are definitely a very close second. There is just something so wonderful about getting to spend a couple hours with a family and capturing all sorts of quality time together. And that wonderfulness is made a million times better when we get to do it all for a past wedding couple!

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