Outdoor + In-Home Lifestyle Maternity Session: Bridget + Matt

The end of March is not a very pretty time of the year when it comes to the great outdoors. The ground is pretty muddy, the skies are often dull and gray, and the trees are basically empty. And for a lot of sessions I typically give people the option of waiting until the weather is a little nicer, but when it comes to time sensitive things, like maternity sessions, there really isn’t any waiting because once that little one decides to make their entrance a maternity session isn’t really an option anymore, haha!

But luckily Bridget + Matt were completely on board for their late March session and we were able to mix in some outdoor and in-home photos to give some more range to their photos.

Oh, and did I mention there are puppies (keeping in mind that I call all dogs puppies no matter their age)!? Not only did I get to hang out with these two awesome people for the afternoon, but I also got to play with and pet their super awesome German Shorthair Pointer pups. These puppers really were the bestest pups ever (next to our sweet Kaylee of course) and were such good listeners during their part of the session. We also became fast friends as I gave them tons of pets and ear rubs. (side note: my spellcheck hates when I write about dogs and my posts end up a sea of red squiggly lines as I constantly use words like bestest and puppers, haha!!)

It was such a lovely afternoon that I ended up just chatting with Bridget + Matt and petting their pups (for equal amounts of time of course) after the actual photos were done and I can’t wait to head back out to their place in a little bit when their baby girl makes her arrival.

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