Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Family Session: Hayden

Sometimes I show up to my clients home for their lifestyle session and am instantly greeted by a cheerful toddler who wants to tell me anything and everything they can think of. Other times they want nothing to do with me and I have to pull out all my tricks right away to get them involved in the session. Luckily for all of us adults, Maya was definitely on that first team and ready to go for Baby Hayden’s newborn session.

Well, I say that, but I suppose she was just ready to go for playing with a new person and showing me all of her things — literally all of them, haha! When it came time to sitting or standing still and actually taking photos, tricks were still needed to get her interested in that part of my visit. But she was super cooperative and a really good listener as long as she could show me things between shots and of course, press my camera shutter button many, many times (almost 200 times to be exact!).

And the entire time, sweet Baby Hayden was so good! He barely made any fuss during his session and was so cooperative! Whether he was cuddling with Mom and Dad, being mostly held by his big Sister or just lying an his own, he was down for pretty much anything. And was absolutely the cutest while we did at all too!

I adore lifestyle sessions as I feel like I get to see a whole other side of families than I do when they visit me in the studio. And if you have a shy toddler they can really help them feel more comfortable since they are in their territory. That aspect clearly wasn’t needed for Maya as she was anything but shy, but it was still so great to get to capture this wonderful family in their home!

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