Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Session: Amelia

I love lifestyle newborn sessions, but I love them even more when there is a big sister or brother involved because they are just so wonderful! And Big Sister Isabelle was definitely no exception. She was so excited to be a part of the session and was so good for her parts too! But of course, the star of the day was still Little Baby Amelia. And how could she not be, what with those big doe-eyes and sweet little face, she was such a little darling!!

This session also happened to be a great example of how small a world we really live in.⁠ You see, a few years back I was walking around the neighbourhood and I came across what I thought was the oddest little ‘park ever’. It was literally a wedge between a main road and a cul-de-sac with a bench. I suppose because the City put a bench there they seemed to think it needed some sort of designation, so it became a park, but honestly it’s basically just a street corner. Anyway, I decided to sit and rest for a bit and as I was pondering how silly it was that this was considered a park, I noticed that one of the houses on the cul-de-sac was for sale. ⁠

Now, one of my guilty pleasures is pretend house shopping. So much so that anytime I see a for sale sign I make note of the address and look it up online to see what the inside looks like. Well, I couldn’t find any interior shots of this house and I was really disappointed as I have always loved the idea of living on a cul-de-sac (likely a result of watching too many family sitcoms growing up). ⁠

Flash forward a few years and one of our previous families refers us to their friends who happen to live in that very house (or the neighbouring house, I can’t seem to remember to be honest). So not only do I get to finally see the home’s interior, but I get to meet the truly lovely family who lives there now.⁠

And they really were so wonderful to work with! Alison, Sean and their girls really were so sweet and I had such a nice morning with them as we captured some newborn photos for Baby Amelia, with the help of Big Sister Isabelle of course. Although, to be honest, Izzy’s version of help mostly consisted of being cute and doing her own thing, with the occasional attempt to borrow some of my posing props, haha!

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