Ottawa Winter Maternity Session: Kirsten + Kyle

So I realized this morning that I forgot to share Kirsten + Kyle’s maternity photos. How did I end up remembering you ask? Well, I thought about it while I was setting up the studio for they baby’s newborn session, haha!

I don’t know how I could have possibly forgot about it, as this session was truly epic! Although, really, by this point I should just know that these guys are the ultimate rock stars and just so all-around amazing, especially in front of the camera.

We actually ended up going back to the spot of their engagement session. But this time around, there wasn’t a blizzard rolling in, and I didn’t end up in a ditch as I drove to the location. I was so tempted to pull over on the drive as, although there wasn’t a super snowy scene about me, it was still gorgeous. But I did not pull over as that is exactly how I found myself in the ditch last time, and I was determined to not let it happen again!

Luckily the area is pretty large so we were able to find some new areas for the photos this time around, but of course also found some snowy trees because you all know how much I love a snowy forest background. And Mother Nature decided to give us the blizzard feel a couple times thanks to a big blast of wind that knocked some snow down out of the trees – but it was just a light dusting this time.

Now, this is normally where I say how excited I am to meet their little babe once they make their arrival. But as I mentioned at the start of this post, he is already in the world, and, as I set up for his session this morning, and it is now evening, I have already met him. But that just means I know just how freaking adorable he is!