Perth Winter Engagement Session: Kirsten + Kyle

Perth-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-SnowstormSo a little bid of my driving adventures before we get into the real post – not more than 30 minutes before I arrived for Kirsten + Kyle’s engagement session, my car was pretty much in a ditch and needed to be pulled out by the super nice farmer Paul and his tractor. So to say that driving down to Perth was a bit treacherous at times is a little bit of an understatement.

But it was so a million per cent worth it as these two, in this location, with all this gorgeous fresh, falling snow was absolute heaven and so worth the drive!!!

There was actually so much snow falling throughout Kirsten + Kyle’s session that my camera kept trying to focus on the snowflakes as they fell instead of this wonderful duo. And even though I switched to manual focus, I had to keep checking the back of my camera to make sure that there were images without giant snowflakes covering up their faces completely! The snow also meant that Kirsten’s beautiful hair that she had done that morning didn’t last too long as the snow quickly squashed all that hard work. But it looked gorgeous the entire time despite the weather, if I do say so myself.

Luckily though, we only had the immense amounts of snow to deal with as the temperature wasn’t actually that bad (trust me, it can be, and has been, far worse in these parts!). So at least we had that going for us, right?!

And you know what else we had going for us, Kirsten boyfriend Hunter – how adorable is that fluffy Golden Retriever?! He did a wonderful job during his photos and you could instantly tell how much he loved his human girlfriend as we actually had a hard time getting him to leave her for the rest of Kirsten + Kyle’s photos!!