Museum of Nature Engagement Session: Hannah + Curtis

Museum-of-Nature-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySo we all know that Ottawa is cold this time of the year. And therefore, whether or not you have been part of one, you could figure out that outdoor engagement session (or really outdoor sessions of any kind) could be a little more than uncomfortable when you factor in all the time spent without coats on. And that is why looking at indoor locations can be a really great idea for your session. So when Hannah + Curtis suggested doing their photos in and around the Canadian Museum of Nature, I was super on board!

I really do love this venue. It is the perfect combination of modern and classical architecture – and also, can you really beat a castle in the middle of city?! All that gorgeous natural light in the Queen’s lantern and that now iconic staircase really make for a photographers dreamland. Mix that all with the contrasting architecture around the exhibit throughout the museum, each with its own character and design, and you really do have the makings of a fantastic session!

And I love that Hannah + Curtis were willing to hit up so many different spots throughout the museum. They really were troopers to bare with both me and the large crowds running around the museum. There was definitely some cloning done on those wide shots to be able to get out as many of the tourists as possible! And by some cloning, I mean a lot of cloning – thank goodness for Photoshop (and some good ol’ cropping while shooting of course)!

But what was even better than getting to incorporate so much of the museum into their engagement session, was being able to stroll around one of my favourite museums with such great people. They really are super fun, which if I didn’t already know, I would have learned while we waited for the backgrounds to change at the glacier exhibit. I wanted a specific section of the video that is played onto the glacier to be able to create the silhouette shots (a different photo than our regular style, but so much fun to create!), and we of course got there just as that part finished up. So as we were waiting around, both Hannah + Curtis looked at me and asked in the cutest fashion ever, if they could go check out the glaciers and proceeded to crawl among them and just generally be adorable hilarious! I freaking loved it and I can’t wait to see what they get up to on their wedding day later this year!


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