Jack Pine Trail + Watson’s Mill Winter Engagement Session: Marisca + Seth

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was for Marsica + Seth’s engagement session. Not only was it the first engagement session back after our most recent pandemic lockdown, but it was a winter engagement session with two awesome people! I was super stoked and these two adorable rock stars definitely lived up to all that excitement!

Driving out to Jack Pine Forest with my camera in the seat next to me made me a little nervous at first. There have been so many months in the past year where I haven’t been able to legally work that I was actually getting used to the idea that working with my clients was taboo. But of course all of those nerves quickly went out the window when we met up at the trail and got to work.

I always say that when it comes to outdoor winter sessions, whether they be engagement, winter, or otherwise, there are really only two types of ideal weather: full out snow storm, or a warm day with a clear, blue sky. Because let’s be honest, if you are going to be standing around outside in the cold, winter air, you either want a nice winter day or snow-filled photos. And, as a reward for having to postpone their session (thanks covid), Marisca + Seth were gifted a beautiful day complete with the wonderful blue sky.

And as my reward (not that I really needed one because being able to work again was definitely reward enough for me!), I was gifted with these two genuinely wonderful people, they were also seriously adorable! I am talking tooth-achingly sweet and complete naturals at it too. They made every pose and situation their own and infused it with that adorable sweetness. In other words, they were utter perfection and I loved every second of their engagement session!

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