Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn + Family Photography: The Kealeys

Technically we had already postponed this session by the time I headed out of the house towards Mariah + Ben for their lifestyle newborn and family shoot. The weather was supposed to be quite bad complete with not only rain, but thunderstorms, and because of that we had decided to move the session to the following week. But about 2 hours before I was supposed to leave, the sky was still absolutely lovely and the forecast changed entirely – well, it changed for the 1-2 hours the actual shooting would take place and that was good enough for everyone involved! And I am so very happy we went ahead with the session, not only was the weather that afternoon beautiful, the weather next weekend was not.

But more than lovely weather, or even more than the stunning property Mariah + Ben had access to for the session, what made this afternoon so great was this incredibly family! I had the pleasure of capturing Mariah + Ben’s wedding just last year, and even got to join them at Christmas for a special set of photos to announce their pregnancy, but I think this session with them may have been my favourite one yet!!

Big Brother Bennett was so proud of his new baby bro. But really, that wasn’t a surprise to anyone since he has been asking for a baby for quite a while. In fact, at the end of Mariah + Ben’s wedding, as I was capturing the last shots of the day (some night shots that I absolutely love!), Bennett was running around them asking if, now that they were married, he could have a baby brother or sister. It was the cutest thing ever!! And as I laughed at and adored the situation, Mariah let me know that this was far from the first time he had asked.

And now that Little Baby Milo is here Bennett is officially a big brother! Both brothers did such a marvelous job during the session with Little Milo not really making a peep the entire time. As long as he was comfy cozy in his Mom’s arms, he was quite content. He made a teeny squawk when Dad’s beard tickled him, but even that wasn’t enough to get him that upset. He really does seem like such a happy baby!

I can’t wait to see this little guy grow up! Not only is he going to be such a darling little boy, but I am excited to see his relationship with his big brother grow as somehow, I just know there is going to be a very special bond between these two!!

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