Ottawa Lifestyle Family Photography Session: The Harnishes

There are some sessions that I struggle internally with. The poses don’t seem to be working and I can’t seem to figure out the lighting. In the end it comes together and I figure things out, but they still didn’t go as perfectly as I had envisioned as I drove to the location.

But this session for Beata and her beautiful family was definitely not a struggle at all!! In fact, it was a complete joy to be a part of! Sweet Little Elijah and Big Brother Gabriel were absolutely darling the entire time, we were shooting in one of my favourite locations ever, and the light was absolutely gorgeous – I really couldn’t have asked for more!

There was some apprehension the days leading up to the session though as neither or nor Beata were certain the weather was going to be favourable. We had already had to move the session a fair bit thanks to Covid, and I really didn’t want to delay things any longer for this family as Little Elijah was growing more and more each day. So I was so very happy when the hourly forecast called for rain later in the day, but not first thing in the morning when we were supposed to do the session. In the end, it didn’t end up raining until much later in the day, so we had ample room for the session, but you never quite know about these things in Ottawa as the weather can really change in an instant here.

Also, can we just take a moment and acknowledge just how freaking adorable these two little boys are!? And honestly, the photos only show half of their cuteness. Little Elijah was absolutely perfect during the session, so easy-going and chill. And Big Brother Gabriel was the most unshy almost two-year old I have ever worked with. He stepped out of the car and came right over to chat with me. He was my super big helper the entire time and only needing coaxing near the end of the shoot! And even though the session was aimed at being about Elijah, I must admit that Gabriel stole my heart. He was just so sweet and insisted on holding my hand as we walked around the forest (don’t worry, I have lots of hand sanitizer in my camera bag these days).

This really is the very definition of a perfect family session in my books! Wonderful parents, adorable kids, great setting + light, and all-around a great time strolling through the forest!

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