Stonefields Estate Wedding: Tara + Dion

It had been almost exactly six months since Dave and I captured a full wedding day. I have been lucky enough to photograph a few elopements here and there, but nothing that lasted more than a couple hours. So when we headed over to the gorgeous Stonefields Estate for Tara + Dion’s wedding we knew our bodies were about to take a beating. But every aching, sore muscle was a million per cent worth it because not only was this day stunning, but Tara + Dion made sure to fill it with so much love and awesomeness that I almost didn’t notice my tired feet, almost.

In all seriousness, I think anyone in the wedding or event industry can attest to the fact that the first wedding back after a break is always a little rough. Normally the break is only a couple months long as things tend to slow down around here during the colder months, so things aren’t too bad, but this time around the half a year break really took its toll as my bag carrying muscles apparently do function during downtime. But even though every single muscle in my body was screaming, and my feet felt as if they may fall off (all of which gave me a terrible headache), I can honestly say I had an amazing time with these two wonderful people!

Covid definitely changed their wedding day plans, but honestly, I think the same can be said for literally every wedding going on right now. Tara and I emailed back and forth for months as she tried to plan her new wedding day and I can’t even begin to imagine the stress she endured as she planned almost every element of their day from scratch, again. In the end, they chose their new venue just a few weeks out from the wedding date and thankfully everything fell into place nicely. And although their guest list was smaller than planned, the day was absolutely overflowing with love and congratulations for the happy couple.

And how could you not want the very best for Tara + Dion?! They are truly two of the most caring, thoughtful, and giving people I have ever met. I learned how great they were when we got together for their engagement session, but that was barely a drop in the bucket of amazingness compared to what I learned during their speeches. I won’t share these stories here, as they are of course personal, but believe me when I say, they have to be two of the most selfless people I have ever worked with. And for that reason, it was a real honour to be able to capture this day for them and all of their friends + family.

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Venue: Stonefields Estate
Bridal Gown: Sinders Bridal House
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits: Surmesur
Florist: Weekly Flowers⁠
Cupcakes: Anabia Cupcakes
Officiant: Sharyn Ready⁠⠀
DJ: DJ Cruss⁠⠀
Rings: Diamond Boi

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