Lifestyle Family Photography: The Konings + Brickells

In starting and restarting this post as many times as I have this morning, I have come to realize that writing a blog post about your own family session is actually really tricky. But this will get written and may be this time I won’t end up deleting everything and restarting from scratch – haha!

But in all seriousness, I think this is a tricky post to put together because it was a tricky session for me to do, at least the portions with me in front of the camera were. When Dave’s Mom first requested a session while we were visiting a couple weeks ago, my face did that scrunchy thing it does at the mere thought of having my photo taken. You see, I am one of those photographers whose journey started when I was quite young and learned that if I am taking the photos, I am often not in them. It’s a cliche beginning, I know, but it’s also true.

But this time around there wasn’t really any fighting it and everyone managed to not only talk me into being in front of the lens for the full family photo, but also some shots of the three of us and then just Dave and I. Big thanks to John and Jesse for helping us with these photos of us!!

And, like almost every other time I have managed to be in photos, I am oh so very happy that we did this session. Despite how nervous I was beforehand, and how uncomfortable I was when we started, in the end I love that we have these images of all of us together. I like to thing that’s how our clients feel once their session gets going and then even more so once they get their final images. The nerves and worry seem all for not and you are left with fantastic photos to mark this time in your life. More cliche, corny terms I know, but again, true.

And of course, as an added bonus for me, I got to squeeze in some mini couple sessions for both Pat + John and Jess + Jesse!

I have been sorely missing shooting details, wedding rings in particular, so I decided moments before leaving the house that I needed to bring along a small detail kit so we could get some matching shots of all of our rings. It ended up working out perfectly as the one coloured item I brought worked for all three of our wedding colours (more or less). Our wedding colour was definitely more of a burgundy than the pinkish hue I had available, and Jess + Jesse’s yellow bridesmaids dresses were more vibrant than the muted tone I could put together on the spot. But Pat + John’s peachy colour was almost an exact match when I compared it to their wedding photos!

And because she is just so darn cute and lovable, let’s end this big family post with more photos of Kaylee!!

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