Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn + Family Photography: The Kealeys

Technically we had already postponed this session by the time I headed out of the house towards Mariah + Ben for their lifestyle newborn and family shoot. The weather was supposed to be quite bad complete with not only rain, but thunderstorms, and because of that we had decided to move the session to the following week. But about 2 hours before I was supposed to leave, the sky was still absolutely lovely and the forecast changed entirely – well, it changed for the 1-2 hours the actual shooting would take place and that was good enough for everyone involved! And I am so very happy we went ahead with the session, not only was the weather that afternoon beautiful, the weather next weekend was not.

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Westport & Perth Winter Wedding: Erica + Ryan

Perth Winter Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI was sick, the wind was bitter cold, and by the end of their portrait session, the bottom third of my pants were completely soaked from the snow; and every minute of it was oh so fabulous and one that I wouldn’t miss for the world!

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Westport & Perth Winter Wedding: Erica + Ryan, Sneak Peek

Perth Stewart Park Winter Wedding Photography Stephanie Beach Photography 01Mind over matter they always say and I definitely took that to heart at the end of last week as our adorable nephew seemed to have passed along a cold over the holidays. But I had a wedding to shoot and I wasn’t going to let myself be sick so anytime I would have said, “I’m sick”, instead I said, “I am going to be so sick on Sunday”. And as luck would have it, it worked (although it didn’t really wait until Sunday, as it hit me hard on the drive home).

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Happy Anniversary Lisa + Bryson

Ottawa Wedding Photography Farm WeddingLisa + Bryson were one of our many rainy weddings last year (thank you very much Mother Nature). We kept them as dry as possible with lots of umbrellas and tree coverage, and you would never know how chilly it was with how they absolutely sizzled in front of the cameras.

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