Ottawa Surprise Elopement: Allison + Matt

In getting this post together I had to go look up the most recent wedding featured here to remember how to title this one, etc., and you know what I realized? It has been 6 months since our last wedding!! SIX MONTHS!! That’s absolutely crazy to me! If I had to guess, I would have likely guessed 4 months at the most, but I obviously would have been wrong about that. But as much as this pandemic and the forced changes on weddings and events has affected me and other vendors, it has affected all of our couples too. So many people have had to drastically change their wedding day plans and it’s not an easy situation to be in. Nearly every couple we have and are working with is doing things slightly differently, including Allison + Matt

In all honesty, I likely would have chose to do something similar to Allison + Matt had Dave and I been planning our wedding for 2020. An intimate ceremony in a park we enjoyed together with the hopes of having a bigger celebration with more of our friends and family next year. But Allison + Matt went one step further in that, other than the people included in their park elopement, no one knew they were getting officially married this year. That’s right folks, for so many of their friends + family their union is going to be a complete surprise!! And I was just so excited to get to be a part of it and capture it all so they can share it all with their loved ones later on.

These two really are just the sweetest and I loved getting to capture their elopement, and I loved that glowy evening light too! I mean, as soon as I walked into the park before their ceremony I was absolutely gobsmacked! How had I never found this place before?! Even if the wedding and session had been a total bust, it still would have been an amazing day because I definitely plan on hitting up this location again and again! Of course though, the elopement was beautiful and Allison + Matt completely nailed their photos – these two are seriously good at spins!! It was the perfect evening which ended even more wonderfully as this incredibly thoughtful couple had homemade cookies for me to head home with. And boy-oh-boy were they ever good – they lasted all of two minutes once Dave and I opened them up!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Officiant: Ottawa Wedding Officiants⁠⠀

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