Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Jakub

It took Little Baby Jakub about 2 minutes to make a big stinker after I got him all wrapped up! He just seemed to know exactly when the wrap was done so he could get started, haha. Fortunately for me, my swaddles tend to keep most of the smell in, but then again that just means when it does come time to start unwrapping, there is an extra big surprise for all of us!!

Dealing with stinky babies kind of comes with the territory really, and it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to (although this may also be thanks to lots of babysitting growing up and helping out with our niblings [which is what I call our niece and nephews FYI] when they were babes). And really I’ll certainly take any smelly mess they want to make because babies like this little cutie are just so precious! They aren’t this small for long and getting to capture all of their tininess is a real treat!

Baby Jakub was so wonderful during his session. There were of course a couple squawks and of course a snack break among things, but he whipped through his photos so quickly that we even got a few extras in there! Swaddled session do tend to be a fair bit quicker than classic sessions, and really a swaddled session was absolutely perfect for Jakub as he seemed to hate being fiddled with but was super content (and sleepy) once he was all toasty warm in his little potato form.

To be honest, I think my absolute favourite thing about swaddled sessions is the fact that I don’t have to heat the studio to such high temperatures, haha! Because baby is nestled all up in their cute little wraps, they mostly keep themselves warm enough such that they stay awake most of the time, and therefore don’t need the heater keeping things at 26-28*C like it does for classic newborn sessions. But whether it’s in super warm temperatures, or regular room temperature, I love getting to cuddle and pose these sweet little babes – especially when they are as darling as Little Jakub!!

Dog Hat + Lovie: Bunnies Band
Beige Wrap: Freebird Prop Shoppe
Felted Rainbow Lovie: Baby Birdie Boutique
Wraps, Backgrounds: Stephanie Beach Photography