Ottawa Lifestyle Puppy Session: Avery + Arlo

In case you are new around here, I am 100% a dog person. I smile anytime I see a puppy walking down the road and pretty much always say hello to them before the human walking the dog, and of course I smile from ear to ear when I see a dog with their head out the car window. Our own pup, Kaylee, brings so much light and joy to our lives and is the real star of our social media feeds.

So when Miranda + Jason wanted to use their session for some updated family photos of them and their pups, I was pretty darn stoked!

I learned within the first few minutes that a Great Dane pup is heavy. Like, really heavy guys. I was so used to picking up Kaylee, that every time I went to snuggle on this darling little guy, I would miss and have to try again. His was just so dense and that weight was evenly distrusted across his entire body. I was used to puppy Kaylee who wriggled and moved around, but her weight was so different (she was very head heavy when she we first got her). Luckily though, Arlo didn’t care at all just wanted to play, play and play some more!

Now Avery was a tricky one as she apparently learned how not to look at a camera quite some time ago. But through sheer determination I managed to get her to look at the camera a few times. And after we had made her stand around outside long enough, she got to go inside and lie down. Which was likely for the best as Arlo was in full puppy mode and was raring to go!

We ran and played and tried to get this 2 month old puppy to sit still … which really didn’t happen for more than a second at at time. But fortunately, like my own puppers, Arlo was very food motivated and had already learned what the treat bag looks like, haha!

It really did have just the best time getting to catch up with Miranda + Jason. So you know I had to sneak in some updated couples photos for these two – especially since their wedding anniversary was just a couple weeks earlier. And the session was made all the better because I got to play with so many puppies, of all sorts of ages (I call all dogs puppies, FYI).
Also, there were cupcakes waiting for me at the end, so yeah, this was pretty much the best session ever!!