Pinhey Point Fall Engagement Session: Sarah + Jesse

Pinhey-Point-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI had so many postponed sessions this Fall thanks to all the rain we got here in Ottawa. Sarah + Jesse’s engagement session was one of those postponed shoots. And even when we did get to the revised session date, it still rained during their session. But it was all good in the end as we got some great shots despite the less than sunny skies.

As I drove out to Pinhey Point for Sarah + Jesse’s morning engagement session I actually refused to use my windshield wipers. I was determined to not acknowledge the rain (luckily it was only lightly drizzling so it wasn’t a safety hazard or anything like that). But as I pulled into the parking lot there really wasn’t any denying it. I did a quick stroll around the property to make sure there hadn’t been any major changes since I had last visited that I needed to factor into the session, after which I sat in my car trying to determine if the rain would stop.

Fortunately I show up to locations pretty early and by the time Sarah + Jesse arrived, the rain had basically stopped and it didn’t really start up again while we were shooting. We really only had to deal with slightly wet ground, and a pretty gloomy sky. But honestly that couldn’t have stopped these two as they were so awesome to work with! They were so awesome that we ended up chatting up a storm and having an extra long session full of some really great conversation (Jesse was super stoked about that, haha)!

I am so incredibly excited for the 2020 wedding season (even though I am still wrapping up the 2019 one), and it really is the fact that we get to work with couples like Sarah + Jesse more that makes it so darn exciting!!