Sheila McKee Park Anniversary Portrait Session: Karen + Jason, Sneak Peek

Anniversary-Portrait-Session-Sheila-McKee-Park-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bulldog-rhodesian-ridgeback-dogsWhen Jay reached out to me a little while ago about a surprise gift for his lovely wife Karen I jumped on board right away. Not only because the idea of an anniversary portrait session surrounded by the gorgeous fall colours sounded like a really good time, but also because Karen + Jay are two of our absolute favourite couples to date and getting to spend some more time with them is always a good idea!

And it’s an even better idea when there are two adorable puppies involved. At 12 and 4 years old, Mason and Penny aren’t exactly puppies, but I am one of those annoying people who call all dogs puppies despite their age. I also (apparently) talk to them in a completely different voice that is reserved for specifically for dogs.

Karen + Jay absolutely rocked the entire shoot, although I knew from the get go that they would because they did a wonderful job during their wedding day last year. AndΒ Mason and Penny did an absolutely fantastic job with their parts of the session too. Even with their polar opposite opinions of camera, these two loving creatures put up with the long walk, steep walkway and of course, me and my annoying camera in their face.

Also, as a side note and lesson learned, if you ask for a bulldog to run straight at you for a photo, you should definitely strengthen your stance better and/or be prepared to take a hit because although they aren’t big dogs, they are packed full of power and will knock you right on your butt. And then proceed to shower you with affection because Penny is just such a sweetheart.

Anniversary Portrait Session at Sheila McKee Park Stephanie Beach Photography 02