Novotel Hotel + Gezellig Restaurant Wedding: Alyssa + David, Sneak Peek

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 01I have heard so many photographers say (and I believe I have said it myself as well), you really have to choose the last wedding of the year carefully. The couple has to be just right and the wedding they are planning has to be just a little extra exciting. All of this is needed because after so many extra long days squeezing those creative muscles, you can sometimes feel pretty wiped by the end of the season. So that final couple of the year needs to be fantastic enough to give you that extra bit of energy and excitement. And what can I say other than, I don’t think there was a better couple to end the 2017 season with other than Alyssa + David!

Not only did Alyssa + David plan an absolutely gorgeous wedding day filled with so many enchanting details, but they created a day filled with so much love. They mentioned in their speech at the end of the night that while there were lots of decisions to be made, and some took quite a long time to figure out, the matter of the guest list was pretty straightforward as they knew exactly who they wanted to celebrate their day with.

And did they ever pick some pretty great people! Their wedding party was so fun to work with and made our jobs so easy and enjoyable. Their friends and family were incredibly nice and definitely knew how to have a good time! But none of this should really be that surprising since Alyssa + David themselves are such wonderful, caring people.

The end of the wedding season really isΒ the most bittersweet moment of the year for us. And although I am definitely looking forward to having some actual downtime and being able to make plans with friends and family on the weekends, I am going to miss getting to capture these special moments for our couples. Luckily, I will still get to hang out with some of our amazing clients as they celebrate other milestones and we capture other memories for them, but there is nothing quite like a wedding day, especially one as flawless as Alyssa + David’s.

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

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