Ottawa Family Session: Christina, Marc + Emmett

Ottawa-Family-Photographer-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-indoor-session-baby-guitar-musicI head into most of my session with a couple poses or shots in mind, just in case my brain decides to go blank on me in the middle of things. Most of the time I capture those just so they are checked off, but the best shots tend to come from the inspiration I get from my clients. Christina, Marc + Emmett’s family session wasn’t really any different. I had a few backup shots going into things, but their fantastic personalities and Emmett’s absolute adorableness really did the rest in terms of inspiration (and of course, the fantastic light in their home really helped a ton too!).

That being said, Chris had mentioned to me that they had a cat who would likely hang around as we took photos. And this lead to my brain figuring out a few ways to include their little feline into their images. If history has taught me anything it is that most cats don’t really like photoshoots – at least not when you want to do them, or how you want to do them, or really in anyway that isn’t completely on their terms (aren’t cats great?!). And my planning of course meant that these ideas needed to be altered on the fly as he sat just outside of my frame for many shots and stuck his butt in my camera lens for others. But eventually he decided to play along and sit in a way that I was able to include him a few shots. And honestly, those are some of my favourite photos from the session, mostly because he seems so discontent with the fact that the attention isn’t completely on him, but rather on the tiny human who is still learning how to pet gently.

But my absolute favourites from this session have to be the ones with Marc’s guitar. I  mentioned in their sneak peek that Marc is a musician and played some great tunes for us. Emmett loved it and played some of his own notes for us, which was super adorable. This was my favourite portion of the day as sharing this music with their son was obviously something that was so important to this family (which is something I can completely understand as I live with someone who shares that love of music).

The afternoon was pretty much full of great moments!! And even though Emmett decided to be super serious most of the day, Chris + Marc did manage to get a few giggles and smiles out of him, they were just mixed in there with his serious, inquisitive faces.


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