Mt. Tremblant Winter Engagement Session: Jennifer + Jordan

Mount-Tremblant-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ski-resort-mug-heartsThere really are endless possibilities when it comes to engagement sessions. And if you aren’t completely comfortable in front of the camera, one of the best ways to combat this is to do an activity together during your engagement session – ideally one that you both do and enjoy during your normal lives together. And this was exactly what Jennifer + Jordan had in mind for their own session.

When we met this awesome couple back in the Fall, they mentioned that they were thinking of filling their engagement session with winter activities that they both really love. They also thought doing the session up in Mount Tremblant would make the most sense since they spend a fair bit of time there most winters. Of course, Dave and I absolutely loved the idea, despite the fact that neither of us know how to ski/snowboard (or really do any sort of winter activity other than walking, and I even fail at that sometimes).

So when the day came, we drove up to Tremblant (well Dave drove, I slept) and ended up having one of the very best shoots ever! Not only because we got to photograph some fun stuff in a gorgeous setting, but also because Jen + Jordan are just so great. We chatted while we shot and walked around the beautiful resort and, as an added bonus, we got to chat some more over a coffee break while we waited for our fingers to warm up and the sun to go down.

And boy oh boy, am I ever glad we waited around to get some night shots, because if you thought this place was gorgeous in the daytime, it is stunning at night! They had the place lit up so beautifully. We initially planned for a quick 10-minute (ish) after-dark session, but every time we turned around to head back out, there was more stuff I couldn’t walk away from! I mean, when you see an absolutely picture perfect winter sleigh under an arbor of twinkle lights and greenery, you have to stop and take more shots right?! If I wasn’t happy that I had brought Dave along already, I was definitely overjoyed during the night shots as I much prefer my handsome, voice-activated ‘light stand’ over the stationary metal one I have to use when I am on my own.

All of this to say that we had just the best time with Jen + Jordan capturing their engagement session and I am oh so grateful that they not only decided to do something so awesome during their shoot, but also that they decided to bring us along for it.