Mt. Tremblant Winter Engagement Session: Jennifer + Jordan

Mount-Tremblant-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ski-resort-mug-heartsThere really are endless possibilities when it comes to engagement sessions. And if you aren’t completely comfortable in front of the camera, one of the best ways to combat this is to do an activity together during your engagement session – ideally one that you both do and enjoy during your normal lives together. And this was exactly what Jennifer + Jordan had in mind for their own session.

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Prescott Family Photography Session: Jackson’s Second Year

My little nephew is absolutely one of my favourite people in the entire world. I may be a little biased but he is super adorable and really smart. He can always make me laugh and having him in our family has made it even better than it already was.

All of that being said, his Second Year Family Session seems to have fallen through the cracks in terms of getting posted here…sorry about that buddy.

It was a very busy day when we shot Jackson’s 2nd Year photos, but it was a gorgeous one and everyone seemed to be in the right mind-frame for photos – except perhaps Jackson. You know because he is two and like most two year olds, doesn’t like to sit still for even a second and really doesn’t want to be told what to do. Our original plan was to shoot his photos in the same park/playground where we shot his previous family sessions (3 months and 1 year), but he has grown to know that as the playground that it is and his parents were very smart in realizing that we would have a near impossible time getting him to do any family shots that didn’t involve going up and down the slide. So instead, we moved the session to near the St. Lawrence River along the Prescott Heritage River Trail.

Prescott Heritage River Trail

I have to give proper photo credits for this next photo, as it was actually taken by my tiny assistant Jackson. Don’t you think he did a good job?!
Apparently teaching him how to press the shutter on my camera wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Prescott Family Photography Prescott Family Photography Prescott Family Photography

I have learned through Jackson, that shooting a toddler takes some quick reflexes and lots of patience. Luckily, he has very clever parents who know their little boy very well – they had brought a few activities for him like some books.

Prescott Family Photography Prescott Family Photography

We were able to get Jackson to sit still again while we watched some cute ducks swimming by and pretty much anytime a loud boat roared past he would stop to tell us all about it.

Prescott Family Photography Prescott Family Photography

And of course, Jackson showed us his modelling skills.

Prescott Family Photography Prescott Family Photography

We found some more wildlife with Gramma – more ducks and even a baby otter (so freakin’ cute!).

Prescott Family Photography Prescott Family Photography

And then as the shoot was wrapping up we got Jackson to sit for a shot with Gramma and get a smooch from Mom and Dad before he decided he wanted to jump off rocks.

Prescott Family Photography

Prescott Family Photography Session: Jackson’s Second Year, Sneak Peek

Jackson turned two last month, and though I haven’t finished his 2nd Birthday Party photos, I had the chance to get a sneak peek of his 2nd Year Family Session!!

Ottawa Child Photography - ToddlerIsn’t he adorable?!

Habs vs. Leafs: The Classis Rivalry

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday!! I wasn’t home very much yesterday and therefore wasn’t able to get his birthday shots published, but here they are now!!

There is a bit of a story with these shots. The short(er) version is that my Dad is a Habs fan and my brother is a Leafs fan. Though it hurts him to do it, every year so far, my brother has put his son in a Habs jersey for my Dad’s birthday. The little guy then gets a photo taken with his Grampa in matching jerseys. Cute, huh?!

Prescott Family Photography Session: Jackson’s First Year

The adorable Jackson turned a year old this summer and as you may remember we did a family session to celebrate. The photos have been done for some time now, but I held on to them until I was able to create a special gift for Jackson and his parents (I will be posting about it later on in the month).

To view photos from the whole event visit our Flickr set here.