Les Fougeres (Chelsea, Quebec) Engagement: Alyssa + David

Indoor-Engagement-Session-Chelsea-Quebec-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-winter-wineI first met Alyssa + David in a coffee shop halfway between our two homes. We chatted for a good long while about their plans. When they mentioned that they wanted to do their engagement session at a restaurant, I felt it was oh so fitting to keep with the cute indoor settings.

It was during that first meeting that Alyssa told me about the one shot she had in mind for her wedding day using 90s rom-com language and with that one explanation, I knew she just had to be a Stephanie Beach Bride!! And honestly, I can’t wait to work on that shot with them as my head has been flooding with ideas since that first chat. But in the meantime, let’s focus on this engagement session – because it was pretty great!

After confirming that we would all just embrace the rain that was forecasted for the day, I headed over to Chelsea to this captivating little restaurant; Les Fougeres. If you are a foodie like Alyssa + David, you have likely heard of it, but if you are like me, then you will be happily surprised with the amazing food and drink (well, it all looked delicious as I didn’t have much while I was shooting). What I really loved about this place was the decor and the incredible light! So much natural light flooded the space, and because of all that rain outside, it was nice and soft and just oh so lovely!!

I had an absolutely charming afternoon with these two lovebirds filled with some really great conversation. And to make things even better, Alyssa + David did such an amazing job with their portraits, knocking each and every shot out of the park!! Editing their photos was actually a little difficult as I was just so incredibly happy with so many of them! Engagement sessions like this one definitely make me super excited for the wedding season to get here as I just know their wedding day is going to be marvelous!!