Business Branding Photography: Flipside Donuts

Business-Branding-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Flipside-DonutsI love donuts and here in Ottawa we have some pretty great options for them whether you prefer the cake or yeast type. But just a drive away down in Toronto is an even better option for donuts – Flipside Donuts!

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Les Fougeres (Chelsea, Quebec) Engagement: Alyssa + David

Indoor-Engagement-Session-Chelsea-Quebec-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-winter-wineI first met Alyssa + David in a coffee shop halfway between our two homes. We chatted for a good long while about their plans. When they mentioned that they wanted to do their engagement session at a restaurant, I felt it was oh so fitting to keep with the cute indoor settings.

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A Baking Break

Starcraft Brownie Pops Stephanie Beach PhotographyWith the wedding season over for us I have time to finish up some photos from everything else that has been going on in our lives. So with that said, I wanted to share some baking photos from the past couple of get-togethers we have had, or at least from the couple I took photos during.

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Burger Cupcakes

Last month I mentioned that we traveled a fair bit for our Thanksgiving dinners. Normally when we spend Thanksgiving with Dave’s family we end up not bringing anything to share as everything I would like to bring would go bad during the drive or overnight stay before the actual get-together. This year however, I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to make delicious cupcakes. But these weren’t just any cupcakes — they were Burger Cupcakes!!!

SMB_8964 copy

I also mentioned earlier this month that I don’t normally post recipes on my blogs – but I once again had to post this due to the insanely high level of cuteness. The recipe is pretty simple, essentially you bake cupcakes and brownies and then cut the cupcakes in half then place circular pieces of brownies between them. I won’t go into more detail as the version I made is based on the one shown here by Ro of Nerdy Nummies (who Dave and I got to meet at Blizzcon). Although for reference purposes, I did have to use two boxes of brownie mix to one (cup)cake mix box.

And of course, I had to get them taste tested. Big thanks to Olivia for letting me know they were yummy!! Although, the nearly empty cupcake carrier I brought home at the end of the day was also a pretty good sign too.

SMB_9070 copy

Celebrating 60 Years

My Dad’s birthday was a few weeks ago, and this year he turned the big 6-0.

Montreal Canadiens Birthday Cake

We were initially thinking of throwing Dad a big bash for his 60th birthday, but we were quickly told that he didn’t want anything large. So instead, we planned a simple, surprise dinner with our immediate family. We drove down from Ottawa and met my brother and his family and then drove to our Parents’ house. We ordered Chinese takeout and afterwards ate some delicious cake. And of course, Jackson helped Grampa blow out his candles. We then had to relight them multiples time so he could blow them out again and again.Montreal Canadiens Birthday Cake Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler Montreal Canadiens Birthday Cake Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler Montreal Canadiens Birthday Cake Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler

I spent most of the afternoon making and decorating the cake to have the Habs symbol on it as it is Dad’s favourite team. In fact, normally we take a photo of Dad (or Grampa) and Jackson in their matching Habs Jerseys, but Jackson has outgrown all of the ones he has, I guess we will need to invest in some larger ones for him.
Most of the evening we sat around and chatted, while Jackson ran around chasing the dog and just generally acting like a two year old. It was a fantastic family dinner!!

Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler