Business Branding Photography: Flipside Donuts

Business-Branding-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Flipside-DonutsI love donuts and here in Ottawa we have some pretty great options for them whether you prefer the cake or yeast type. But just a drive away down in Toronto is an even better option for donuts – Flipside Donuts!

This little cafe is located in the amazing Distillery District, which if you have never been is reason enough to visit as it is just such a cool space to explore! It also means that the historic building the cafe is located in is full of amazing character and it would make such a great space for hosting workshops or events. Personally, I would definitely be taking advantage of this space for industrial feeling shoots if I lived closer!


But more importantly than any of these things is the fact that the donuts are just so tasty! Because the only thing better than donuts are mini donuts!!! And why you may ask, because you can eat way more donuts for the same calories (although I am a believer that calories shouldn’t exist in the dessert and treat world – who’s with me?).

My personal favs were the Colborne Crumble (a delicious apple puree topped donut complete with oat crumble and warm spices) and the High Park Cherry Cheesecake (scrumptious cherry and cheesecake drizzle with a graham crumble), but honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their fantastic sweet flavours.


And just in case you don’t have as big a sweet tooth as I do, they have some really special savoury flavours as well incorporating the joy of warm donuts with the awesomeness that is meat! Seriously people the Queen St Crawl is pretty much poutine in donut form – I mean, how can you not try this?!


Flipside Donuts Cafe & Bar is turning the idea of donuts on its head…

Flipside has shrunk down the donut and added a gourmet flare, offering both sweet and savoury flavours. In addition to these mini treats, the café offers a cozy, casual setting where visitors and locals of the Distillery District can enjoy a variety of beverages including espresso-based drinks, coffee, cocktails, and more. Flipside brings local flavours, products, and people together for a delicious Canadian experience.

Venue + Catering: Flipside Donuts
Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!!!)