In-Home Lifestyle Family Session: The Brickells


When you work in the wedding industry you tend to miss out on seeing your friends and family as much during the warmer months. To be honest, even the off-season can be tricky because there is just so much to do all the time. And come to think about it, I actually think this has more to do with being an entrepreneur than being in a specific industry, as running your own business is extremely time consuming and exhausting (a topic for a different day). And since family (and our friends we consider family) is so very important to Dave and I so we do our best to squeeze in visits whenever we can. So when our work takes us inc lose proximity to the ones we love, particularly the ones who live further away from us, we definitely take advantage of that!

So when we were last down in the Toronto area, we made sure to visit Dave’s sister and her adorable family and I was so happy when they wanted to do a little family session while we were there!

Jessica is honestly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is kind, thoughtful, talented and obviously gorgeous and she met and married someone who is equally as wonderful and awesome! And although their extremely similar names can cause confusion now and then, Jess and Jesse are an amazing couple and an even better team when it comes to raising their two energetic boys.

We don’t get to see Carter and Hudson nearly as much as we would like, but when we do I love getting to see just how much they have grown and changed since the last time we visited, especially in these early years. They are both so gentle and sweet, and clever too!

One of my favourite moments in their session was after the boys had been reading on the couch together (and by together I mean that they were reading independently next to one another). We nicely took their books to the side as I wanted to get some nice photos of them together, almost like they loved each other or something crazy like that. But when we asked these little boys, full of so much energy and spunk, to hug, they just ended up piled on top of one another, both just wanting to continue perusing their books. But I mean, if they are going to climb over each other to get something, a book is a pretty good thing, right?!

I also just love how much of everyday life we were able to capture. Playing together, baking, fixing stuff around the house, and climbing all over mom right when she is trying to make dinner – it’s real life and I love every minute of it!

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