Homasassa Springs

Homasassa Springs has a large collection of wild and resident birds, crocodiles and of course, manatees. When we visited they had five female manatees that live in the Park. The ladies are protected from wild manatees by grates that can go up and down depending on various conditions of the areas. As I mentioned before, I really find these manatees peaceful and beautiful.

Homasassa Springs is also home to a hippo named Henry. The day we visited turned out to be Henry’s birthday, for which they gave him a new tire to play with.

To view more photos from this location, visit our Flickr set here.

Chubby Manatee

Dave and I recently got home from our Florida vacation. I will be posting more photos from our travels throughout the next little bit (aka – stay tuned!).
Manatees are so odd looking. When they are sitting in the water, one could easily mistake them for rocks, as I initially did. But then you look at them and realize they are so kind and peaceful looking.