Rare Photo, Typical Form

A rare photo of me, but a very typical form in which to find me.

Ottawa Photographer

This photo was taken by my wonderful husband when we were in Alaska. We went on the White Pass train up from Skagway to Fraser, British Columbia. It was simply beautiful. The sights were so amazing and the sound of the train on the rickety old track was so soothing. It was a rather slow train (mostly due to the massive vertical distance traveled) but I absolutely loved it – I felt like I could have ridden that train for days. I also got some absolutely amazing photos that I am slowly but surely making my way through.

P.S. – it was chilly (it is Alaska and Northern BC afterall) so those are my freaking awesome photo gloves that allow my forefinger and thumbs to be free to operate my camera while keeping the rest of my fingers toasty warm. Seriously love them!! You may also notice my giant sunglasses. I normally take my sunglasses off when shooting, but these were protecting a portion of my face from the cold wind. Luckily for me, I had forgotten my pretty Oakleys and bought these cheap sunglasses on the cruise ship. By the end of the trip they were so scratched from knocking my camera against them.