Jabulani Vineyard Wedding: Brittany + Mike

Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyCan we talk about speeches for just a second? So there have been many times during my career as a wedding photographer where I have felt the pains of a long, drawn-out, boring speech. Or seen a fellow shy person struggle through a speech they really didn’t feel comfortable making. But the speeches at Brittany + Mike’s wedding were none of these things and instead they were utterly brilliant and so ridiculously funny! Every venue has house rules that get read by the MC before the night really begins, and although I have heard some entertaining versions before, never before have they actually been side-splitting funny!

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Jabulani Vineyard & Winery Wedding: Teresa + Stephane

Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySo, like pretty much any wedding industry team, Dave and I have some favourite venues throughout the area, and Jabulani Vineyard is definitely on that list! There is just something about the venue’s scenery and photo-op locations that fits our style and approach so nicely. Add in a super team of people who run everything and you really do have a great venue! But what’s even better than all of that are the the types of couples they attract – so kind and thoughtful and just plain wonderful to work with! Teresa + Stephane fit that description to a T, and it was such an honour to be able to capture their gorgeous wedding day for them.

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Jabulani Vineyard Wedding: Rebecca + Keith

Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIt may have rained on their wedding but Rebecca + Keith definitely didn’t let it dampen their big day. In fact, the pretty much embraced the weather with open arms and went with the flow, which is always my preferred tactic when it comes to rainy wedding days. But from what I saw, there was no amount of rain that could change the gorgeousness of this wedding day and crazy amounts of love that these two share!

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Jabulani Vineyard Wedding: Rebecca + Keith, Sneak Peek

Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes couples can be a little shy in front of our cameras, at least at first anyway. We can almost always get them to be more comfortable int he spotlight, but it can sometimes take  a little while to get used to having cameras around (and us too) and then even more used to the idea of kissing and being all cuddly during a session. But that was never a problem for Rebecca + Keith, not during their engagement session and definitely not on their wedding day.

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Ottawa Wedding Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Ottawa-Wedding-Magazine-Published-FeaturedThis year has just flown by so quickly and has been so busy that I completely forgot to post about all of our amazing publications from 2016! We have been lucky to be featured in multiple magazines and online publications over the last year and I will be sharing them with you all over the next few weeks, but I am starting with one that we heard about quite a while ago and I was just completely over the moon about – the Fall/Winter 2017 edition of Ottawa Wedding Magazine.

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