Jabulani Vineyard Wedding: Rebecca + Keith, Sneak Peek

Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes couples can be a little shy in front of our cameras, at least at first anyway. We can almost always get them to be more comfortable int he spotlight, but it can sometimes take  a little while to get used to having cameras around (and us too) and then even more used to the idea of kissing and being all cuddly during a session. But that was never a problem for Rebecca + Keith, not during their engagement session and definitely not on their wedding day.

In fact, for what I think was the first time in my entire wedding photography career, I actually told a couple to stop kissing, at least momentarily (and if it wasn’t the first time I had said it, it was the first time Dave had ever heard me say it). But honestly, all that genuine love and affection was so amazing for their photos! The way they were able to get each other to smile from ear to ear and laugh out loud was absolutely incredible (and we found ourselves laughing for a lot of the day too).

I knew right from the first time I met these two that their wedding day was going to be amazing, and that feeling was reaffirmed during their engagement session last year. Their big day was the perfect mix of touching, heart-warming goodness and fun shenanigans, and with all the DIY touches mixed among the professional artistry, it truly was a dream to capture!

I can’t wait to work on their photos more and to be able to share their full preview here with all of you, but while I work on those, I will just leave these little previews here for all of you to enjoy, because really it is hard not to love this wonderful couple!