Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Megan + Brendan

Temple's-Sugar-Bush-Country-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIf you watch our social media feeds and/or read our blog regularly than you will have probably noticed that we photograph a lot of weddings at Temple’s Sugar Bush. We are there 6 or 7 times a year and I honestly love that we visit this wonderful venue (and all of the truly amazing staff) so often. But the time always comes each year where we are photographing our last wedding there and although this year that was Megan + Brendan’s wedding day. And although we are said that we won’t be shooting on their grounds until next year, Megan + Brendan were such a fantastic way to end off our 2019 Temple’s weddings.

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Infinity Convention Centre Wedding: Chantal + Mathieu

Hogs-Back-Park-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bride-groom-portrait-riverThere were just so many reasons as to why I was looking so forward to Chantal + Mathieu’s wedding day. The fact that it was a Fall wedding was definitely a good reason to look forward to this one (I love Fall weddings so much!) and of course, because they had opted for a first look which are always so special and touching. I was excited for the overall aesthetic they had planned for their day, and super pumped about getting to work in a brand new venue!! But really, after spending the day with them during their engagement session (and chatting with them during our meetings), I was really just looking forward to getting to hang out with them again since they are both just so awesome!

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Infinity Convention Centre Wedding: Chantal + Mathieu, Sneak Peek

Hogs-Back-Park-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIt was an absolutely stunning wedding day and not because the weather was particularly nice (although the rain did hold off well enough) and not even because of the locations (although they were quite lovely), no it was a stunning wedding day because of the couple themselves. Chantal + Mathieu are just the sweetest, most thoughtful people and because of this, their wedding day was full of beauty, memorable moments and most of all, it was full of love.

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