Infinity Convention Centre Wedding: Chantal + Mathieu, Sneak Peek

Hogs-Back-Park-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIt was an absolutely stunning wedding day and not because the weather was particularly nice (although the rain did hold off well enough) and not even because of the locations (although they were quite lovely), no it was a stunning wedding day because of the couple themselves. Chantal + Mathieu are just the sweetest, most thoughtful people and because of this, their wedding day was full of beauty, memorable moments and most of all, it was full of love.

When Chantal + Mat met up with me back in May to capture their engagement session, I knew instantly that their wedding day was going to be something truly special. They really are two of the nicest people and their session was not only wonderful to look at, but it was just such a pleasant experience all around (including the drive out to Gatineau Park, which I normally screw up at least once, but that time I managed to get there without any unplanned detours).

And their wedding day was just more of that wonderful pleasantness mixed in of course among all of that gorgeousness! Chantal’s dress was oh so perfect for her and the details she and Mat had picked out for their day matched their personalities and style so well. The entire day really did fit them like a glove.

And although Mother Nature didn’t quite give them the true Fall background they were planning for (seriously lady, what’s up with the sea of green trees in the middle of October?!), I am oh so happy with the images we were able to create with them and their entire wedding party. Speaking of which, this wedding party were all absolutely breathtaking, fun and all around a joy to work with – but you’ll see more of that in their full preview later on.


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