Ottawa Library + Table 40 Restaurant Wedding: Sabrina + Jeff, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Public-Library-Wedding-Stephanie Beach-Photography-classic-carNormally when the forecast calls for stormy weather on a wedding day I am more than a little nervous. Not only because of the impact it has on the photos we are able to take (as it changes the look of the images, although we can still create some really awesome things with the rain), but also because of how it will impact the couple themselves and likely even stress them out (which is not only bad for the photos, but for their overall enjoyment of their wedding day). But honestly, when I looked at the forecast for Sabrina + Jeff’s day and saw all the rain and potential storms, I wasn’t phased one bit.

That’s simply because, I knew that these two already had it covered. Sabrina + Jeff had chosen an indoor venue for their ceremony and portraits, one that not only had some interesting features for us to use for the photos, but also tons of natural light flowing in. And I also knew that these two weren’t really phased by the forecast either, so the rain really was a meh kind of situation.

And of course, when the rain did let up after their ceremony, I couldn’t help but get them outside for more photos. And when you have a classic 1941 Chrysler Royale to work with you definitely take advantage of it too! (and perhaps break a few rules, just temporarily of course, and drive it a little closer to the library to avoid having other vehicles in the shot).

But honestly, this wedding didn’t need anything other than Sabrina + Jeff themselves for it to be a truly enchanting day. Not only are they super cute together, but they are just all around wonderful people. They are thoughtful, kind and just generally the sort of people I could chat with for hours on end (which we did multiple times during the planning of their wedding).

Ottawa-Public-Library-Wedding-Stephanie Beach-Photography-classic-car

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