Beantown Ranch Wedding: Sarah + Paul

Beantown Ranch Lord of the Rings Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 41I remember looking up some sort of wedding photographer membership when I first started my business. It required you to have shot a minimum of 50 weddings with a suggested number of at least 100 weddings. I saw those numbers and thought well that is impossible! There is no way 100 couples will ask me to photograph their wedding. Well guys, despite my pessimism back then, it actually happened! And even better than that, Sarah + Paul got to be couple #100 with their amazing Lord of the Rings themed wedding day!

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Le Belvedere Wedding: Karen + Jason

le-belvedere-wakefield-bridge-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-62There were so many amazingly touching moments during Karen + Jay’s wedding. So many in fact that as I was editing their photos, I would stumble across one that would remind me of a moment, and I would scribble a note about how I wanted to write about it for their blog post. So I now have a list as long as my arm full of just the sweetest little moments from their wedding day and I am completely filled with joy and warmth when I read through it.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Jennifer + Jeremy

Temple's Sugar Bush Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 32So you will see a lot of Temple’s Sugar Bush by the end of this wedding season from us. We have not one, not two, but seven wedding at this wonderful venue (I skipped a bunch of number in there for the sake a brevity)!! Normally I would be thinking, okay, how are we going to keep things fresh and new with that many weddings at the same venue, but this place is so wonderful and special, I really don’t think we are going to have that problem.

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