Travel Series: Intro

I love traveling. Planning, scheduling, packing, traveling, coming home and editing photos – every aspect of it fills me with happiness and joy!!
For the past few years, Dave and I have pretty much always had something to save for that prevented us from traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the things we saved for like our house and wedding, but I missed traveling. Since the wedding finished up, we have been savings for travels and I am super excited! This year and next, Dave and I have a bunch of trips planned. So many that I have decided to start a new blog series here about how I travel with respect to photography. From what I bring and how I pack that gear to keep it as secure as possible, to what I look for when I am out and about in a new location.
The first of these series will be starting tomorrow as we have left for our second honeymoon trip to Seattle and Alaska (the above photos are from our first, low-budget honeymoon to Niagara Falls). It is going to be an amazing trip and I look forward sharing the photos and memories with all of you, including a helicopter ride around some glaciers!!
(and for those of you who are worried that I have just announced to the world that we are not home, keep in mind that we don’t live by ourselves so the house is far from empty)

My Summer Rollercoaster

The below photo was posted on my personal blog as a reward for getting through a lengthier than normal post outlining our roller-coaster of a summer. I am, however, quite happy with how the self-taken shot came out so I am going to share it here as well. Enjoy!

Dave and I took this shot on Honeymoon #1 to Niagara Falls. My camera had felt a little neglected this summer so we gave it lots of attention during this trip and I hope that the next year of traveling and honeymoons makes it feel loved.


Below is the screenshot from Bridge showing the Before and After of today’s SOOC feature.


This was a shot I took of a “ferris wheel” (it is actually called the Skyview) in Niagara Falls. It is a long exposure shot done at night (f18.0, 6.0 seconds, ISO 200) that I was actually quite happy with straight of the camera. I cropped it down to 16”x20” as that is the size of print I wanted, but it wasn’t actually necessary as the original composition worked quite well. I converted the image to black and white. This was something I struggled with for a little while as I actually found the slight blue colours around the edges of the image very interesting, but the crisp whites when converted to black and white won over in the end.

The print now hangs in our main floor powder room.

Niagara Falls

I spent the past few days in Southern Ontario for business meetings and at night took the opportunity to visit some of the tourist attractions down in the area and of course made a stop at Niagara Falls. It was a little cold and windy, but well worth it, in my opinion. I just love how they light the falls at night. I waited around until the lights changed to variations I really liked and I think this version is my favourite.


These are the American Falls. The Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls are normally my favourite, but this night the straight, American ones (and the way they were lit) really caught my eye.