Brockville Country Club Wedding: Amy + Michel

brockville-country-club-wedding-photobooth-stephanie-beach-photography-18I mentioned in their sneak peek how both Amy + Mike were a little nervous and anxious during their prep, but the second they saw each other during their first look they were instantly calm and collected. It was so amazing to see two people who are just so right for one another.

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Brockville Country Club Wedding: Amy + Michel, Sneak Peek

Brockville Country Club Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 022016 is our busiest year yet for weddings. We are getting to work with so many amazing couples as they celebrate their weddings, and we feel so lucky to be a part of it all. Amy + Mike’s day marks the halfway point for us and I don’t think there could have been a better couple for this.

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Prescott Engagement Session: Amy + Mike

Prescott Engagement Session Stephanie Beach Photography 03My dad grew up with 4 siblings, which for me and my brother meant we grew up with a lot of cousins. But due to a bunch of age gaps between us, I mostly grew up with a smaller handful of my cousins in the school years after mine.

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Prescott Engagement Session: Amy + Mike, Sneak Peek

Prescott Engagement Session Stephanie Beach Photography 01I have mentioned before that I grew up in a small town, but I don’t know if I mentioned just how lovely a town it was. Being such a historic town, it is full of lots of tourist highlights and mixed in with those are some really great nature spots as well. It really is a absolutely lovely little town.

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Happy Birthday Baby Girl

A year ago today, Dave and I became godparents to the sweetest little girl!

Evelyn is happy and cheery pretty much all of the time and it is next to impossible to not feel the same way when you are with her. She is definitely a little chatter box and when we spent last weekend with her and her brother I spent most of the weekend listening to her babble, helping her walk (a brand new skill she has) and clapping with her and she currently loves clapping.

Happy First Birthday Evelyn!!

Birthday Collage - Evelyn 1 - Stephanie Beach Photography