SOOC #18

I get asked about the sun flares in my photos a fair bit, so I figured I would do a SOOC (straight out of camera) post showing what was captured in camera and what was added or emphasized in Photoshop. This is a shot from Emma + Gennaro‘s bridal session last October that I absolutely LOVE.

SOOC Stephanie Beach Photography Ottawa Wedding Photography

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SOOC #15

This week’s SOOC feature is a photo I took back in July of my adorable nephew Jackson.


The before is on the left and after on the right.
I haven’t done too much to the original photo, just enhanced the light and contrast of the photo and sharpened it a wee bit.
This is a pretty typical edit for me, in fact it is what I do to most of my clients’ photos.

SOOC #14

This week’s SOOC comes from the Sarsaparilla Trail, part of Ottawa’s Greenbelt.


The before is on the left and the after on the right.
As you can see, I mostly just ran it through Photoshop to increase the sharpness of the photo but I did also adjust the lighting slightly. Mostly just to reduce the blue tones that were present due to the shady woods.

SOOC #12

I don’t think it’s much a surprise that this SOOC comes from one of the many, many photos I took during our trip to Alaska.  The photo is from the Juneau Icefields (in Juneau, Alaska). These Icefields are home to many glaciers including the very famous Mendenhall Glacier.
Juneau Alaska Icefield SOOCThere really wasn’t much to be done to the image, the landscape itself is pretty breathtaking (honestly, the photo doesn’t even start to do the area justice, I don’t think any could). All I really did was brighten up the shadows and do a simple overall sharpen (before is on the left and after on the right).