SOOC #18

I get asked about the sun flares in my photos a fair bit, so I figured I would do a SOOC (straight out of camera) post showing what was captured in camera and what was added or emphasized in Photoshop. This is a shot from Emma + Gennaro‘s bridal session last October that I absolutely LOVE.

SOOC Stephanie Beach Photography Ottawa Wedding Photography

As you can see, the sun flare was present in the original photo on the left. All I did for the final image on the right was fix up the colours in the scene a bit in Photoshop. I remember getting to this location, seeing the sun and just about jumping for joy when I looked through my camera and saw this gorgeous flare! I was absolutely freaking out telling Emma and Gennaro how amazing they looked and how great the light was for them. It was a fantastic moment and a really fun session overall.