Strathmere Inn Wedding: Diana + John, Sneak Peek

Strathmere-Inn-Ottawa-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI cannot even begin to properly explain just how perfect Diana + John’s wedding day was as the start of our 2018 season. From being at one of our favourite venues to all the beautiful and personal details so perfectly infused throughout everything, it was truly lovely. But as usual, what that made this wedding day so great weren’t the actual things, but rather the people. Not only are Diana + John so incredibly nice (and funny to boot), but they are absolutely one of the sweetest couples we have had the pleasure and honour of working with over the years and they surrounded themselves with family and friends who are equally as wonderful!

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Wendover Wedding: Nathalie + Marc-Andre

Wendover-Wedding-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bride-groom-portrait-pond-willowIf there is anything I have learned over the years it is that wedding days can be chaotic and stressful at times. And there have definitely been days where the stress of the couple has passed along to me and gotten me a little stressed out too. But then there are weddings like Nathalie + Marc-Andre’s. They had planned such a peaceful, relaxed, family-filled day and they didn’t let anything sway them from that disposition.

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Wendover Wedding: Nathalie + Marc-Andre, Sneak Peek

Wendover-Wedding-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ring-macro-engagementAs we drove back to Ottawa after Nathalie + Marc-Andre’s wedding, I told Dave (and he of course agreed 100%) I was absolutely certain that there was no better way to have officially started our 2017 wedding season than with this kind-hearted couple and their day!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Jennifer + Jeremy

Temple's Sugar Bush Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 32So you will see a lot of Temple’s Sugar Bush by the end of this wedding season from us. We have not one, not two, but seven wedding at this wonderful venue (I skipped a bunch of number in there for the sake a brevity)!! Normally I would be thinking, okay, how are we going to keep things fresh and new with that many weddings at the same venue, but this place is so wonderful and special, I really don’t think we are going to have that problem.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Jennifer + Jeremy, Sneak Peek

Temple's Sugar Bush Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 02It is always such a joy to be able to capture the start of a couple’s life together and it is even better with people like Jennifer + Jeremy!! These two were full of laughter and happiness all day long, and to make it even better, they were absolute rock stars in front of our cameras!

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