Turtles on the Sarsaparilla Trail

This past weekend I was feeling a little uninspired. Despite all of the ideas running through my head for future client sessions, I couldn’t come up with a single blog post.
That was when my wonderful husband thought of going for a walk along one of the Greenbelt Trails here in Ottawa.

We ended up going to the Sarsaparilla Trail just off of Richmond Road. It is a little trail, only 0.8km long, but it is pack full of trail-y goodness. It has a little picnic area and a boardwalk overlooking a beaver pond. And though we didn’t see any beavers, we did see a great deal of wildlife considering how small the trail is.

Snapping TurtleThis big guy was one of two large snapping turtles we spotted. We also watched several red-painted turtles and fed some chipmunks too.

It was a great afternoon (after which I got some delicious sushi – yum), and it gave me material for multiple posts!

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens may have been my favourite (non-Disney) part of our trip. It was a little chilly (to be honest, the entire trip was a little on the cold side [for Florida] as it was during their cold snap), but that really just meant that there were significantly fewer people there!

To view more photos from this location, visit our Flickr set here.

Clearwater Aquarium

We took a trip to the Clearwater Aquarium to visit Winter, the famous Dolphin.

To be honest, she wasn’t doing much other than bobbing up and down in her tank, but that was because she only wears her prosthetic tail a couple of hours a day. there were lots of other animals there though, sea turtles, otters, other dolphins, even a couple nurse sharks. It was very entertaining and I love that they release as many of the animals as possible once they are back to full health.

To view more photos from this lcoation, visit our Flickr set here.