Thanksgiving with Family

As I briefly mentioned in Teri + Greg’s sneak peek post, we spent the majority of our Thanksgiving weekend with family – and it was fantastic.

We started off spending some quality time (though a short amount of time) with Dave’s sister Jessica and then went to his extended family’s Thanksgiving in Newmarket. Normally I take a million and one photos at our family events, but this year I had decided to sit back and just take things in more. So I apologize in advance for the fact that there aren’t (as) my photos.

The ‘kids’ spent some time at the soccer field. It was cold and wet, and the vast majority of theย  boys ran around in their bare feet, but it was a ton of fun. It was also really nice to see the bigger ‘kids’ interact with the two younger ones we have in the family. I remember when we were all younger, and have seen quite a few photos and videos and heard lots of stories of when they were all a lot younger, so it is really neat to see how everyone is turning into adults.

Newmarket Family Thanksgiving

You know you are part of a special family when you can pick teams and everyone has a blast doing it (even the last person picked)

Newmarket Family Thanksgiving

Newmarket Family ThanksgivingNewmarket Family ThanksgivingNewmarket Family Thanksgiving

These two girls are superstars on the soccer field!!

Newmarket Family ThanksgivingNewmarket Family ThanksgivingNewmarket Family Thanksgiving

Chris on the other hand – had a few less than glamorous moments as goalie on Team Olivia.
And, though I am no expert, I am pretty sure that is a handball Jess ๐Ÿ˜‰

Newmarket Family Thanksgiving

Once it started to really rain, we all headed back and found dry clothes. Luckily for Dave and I, we had entire dry outfits as we were spending the weekend away from home. Yay for clean, dry clothes!!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this on here, but my husband is a tall man. At almost 6’5″, he towers above most of the people in our daily lives. That being said, he is far from the only tall guy in his family and our family get-togethers prove that every year. In fact, this year, it became official that he is no longer the tallest person in the family — thanks Matt. That being said, not everyone in the family is blessed with the same height advantages as these boys (myself included).

Newmarket Family ThanksgivingNewmarket Family Thanksgiving

After our trip to Newmarket we headed down to Prescott for my family’s Thanksgiving. And although the absolute cutest member of my family was there, I didn’t take any photos. I decided to just relax and enjoy my family and of course Jackson. He had also had a pretty long weekend by this point and was pretty tired – I didn’t want to start throwing a camera in his face, though I am pretty sure he likes my camera.

We had a lovely weekend and want to thank all of our family members for being so great. And for everyone who made our food and hosted us throughout the weekend, an extra special thank you!!

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