A Great Man’s Passing

On November 27 George Sweeton passed away in his sleep at his home, next to the love of his life. He was the Dad to my bestfriend Chris, but over the years, he became a real friend, who will be missed dearly.

As you all already know, I am not good with words, so I will not attempt to write anything as wonderfully perfect as the ‘not-a-eulogy‘ that Chris wrote and impressively delivered during his memorial service. I have, however, gone through my vast collection of photos and pulled a few of George that made me smile and remember the great times we have shared with him over the years.

These photos were taken at their cottage. Dave and I have been visiting the Sweeton family at the cottage for many years, and it is one of our favourite places. This mini-vacation is something I look forward to every year and though the drive to and from is very long, it is always a very peaceful and relaxing weekend and worth every second we spend in the car. It is where Dave is learning to sail, where bocci is enjoyed, where birds are visited, and many, many games of Settlers of Catan are played. But most of all it is where friends and family spend time together and make great memories.

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It is sad to think that when we visit the cottage next, George will not be there to welcome us with hugs, that we won’t be receiving anymore random Sunday morning calls or visits to our home as he sees his family and other friends in the Ottawa area, but I am very glad to have known him and I owe him a great deal as he raised two wonderful children, including his amazing daughter who I am blessed to have in my life.

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