Dangerous Potions

A little while ago we had some friends over for a game night. I wanted to make some treats for the occasion and went to my favourite nerdy baker, Ro of Nerdy Nummies. After looking through her archives, I came across the perfect one: Vodka Skittle Potions. Ro’s potions were made for the release of Diablo III and were therefore meant to mimic the different potions in the game (mana, fury, etc.). Ours were made in the same spirit, but we also made a green one because green skittles are delicious.

Vodka Skittle Potions

The ingredients for the potions are quite simple, you will need vodka, skittles and 7-up or Sprite. The directions for how to make the potions is a little cumbersome, and in our experience, messy.

We first sorted our skittles and tested the various colours to ensure their deliciousness. As a side note, to make the blue potion, you will need tropical skittles and to make the white-ish potion, you will need to put yellow skittles in some water to rinse off most of the coloured coating before you soak them in the vodka. Then place each of the individual colours in a glass and pour vodka over them. Cover the glasses (we just used some saran wrap) and leave them overnight. We swirled ours a few times throughout the evening, but I don’t think it was actually required.

The next day we filtered the skittle infused vodka through coffee filters to make sure to get the sugar film off of the liquid and to remove the actual skittles from the liquid. We found that this was a tediously long process and so to help it along, we started to mix the liquid with the 7-up to make it a little less thick. As a note, in doing so the 7-up reacted with the sugar and foamed, so if that happens to  you, all you have to do is scrape it off the top as you are filtering. After making quite a mess of our kitchen sink area, the filtering was done and we had a good vodka, 7-up mix of each of our colours. We then placed them into potion looking bottles (we found ours at the Bulk Barn for $1.50 each).

Now, if you know me, you will know that I don’t actually drink alcohol, so I didn’t actually taste these concoctions myself. BUT I am told they were delicious and incredibly dangerous when it came to getting drunk as they really just tasted like candy.

It was really fun to make these and I they came out even better than I thought they would!!