Coral Harbour

DSC_0554 copyAlmost exactly a year ago Dave traveled to Coral Harbour for work. He did a survey of a building up there and of course, I sent him along with one of my cameras. I think he did a fantastic job, especially considering that it was freaking cold (the temperature ranged from -28*C to -38*C while he was there) and he didn’t quite have warm enough clothes for the trip.
Coral Harbour is called Salliq by the Inuit, which means “large, flat island in front of the mainland”, and to get there you have to fly from Rankin Inlet.
All of the below photos were taken in Coral Harbour by Dave (though they were edited by me just this past weekend when I stumbled upon them during a hard drive backup).

DSC_0493 copy DSC_0496 copy DSC_0536 copy DSC_0554 copyDSC_0628 copyDSC_0509 copyDSC_0528 copy DSC_0574 copy DSC_0580 copy