Testimonial Highlight #3

SMB_5171There was a rather long drive before and after their shoot, but Tara + Daryl’s engagement session at Pleasure Park & Campground was simply awesome. As I drove to the session I remembered little areas and moments from all the times we visited the park when I was a kid. But this visit was very different from those and I looked at the campground with a completely different set of eyes – those of a photographer.

I had a blast with Tara + Daryl and loved how anytime I asked them “do you think you could…” their automatic answer was yes! I love clients like this and because of their willingness to go along with my crazy ideas, we got some gorgeous shots – in fact, I would go as far as to say they are some of my favourite images of the season!!

Brockville Engagement Photography
“Amazing!!!!!!!!!” ~ Tara + Daryl

You can find a full list of the testimonials I have received on my website. Thank you all for your kind words, photography makes me indescribably happy, but knowing my work makes others happy too is the icing on the cake.

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